Employer Health Services

We have over 25 years of experience offering a wide range of medical, rehabilitation, disability management and wellness services across Canada.

By partnering with us you’ll have access to over 2400 healthcare specialists and patient service support staff.

We work with physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, clinic rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists, disability case managers and more.

We focus on delivering the data, reporting and recommendations you need to make informed decisions.

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Our Services and Programs

Occupational Health

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Drug and alcohol services
  • Surveillance medical testing (pulmonary function, hearing, vision screening, blood work, x-rays)
  • Specialized medicals police\firefighters (pre-hire or periodic)

Injury Management

Health & Wellness

  • Online rewards-based portal
  • Biometric screening clinics
  • Flu vaccination programs
  • Travel health vaccination
  • Annual on-site wellness programs
  • Health promotion on-site education sessions
  • Health coaching

Medical Assessments

For more than 23 years; Viewpoint, a division of Lifemark Health Group, has been an industry leader in Canada. Viewpoint medical assessments are evidence-based, independent and reliable. Learn more.

Partner With Us


As one of the largest integrated healthcare providers we have the staff, locations and experience to deliver programs and services in Canada.


Our information technologies give you real-time access to the data and reporting needed to stay up-to-date and make informed decisions for your business.

Delivery of Programs and Services

Our staff are experts in planning, co-ordinating and delivering high-quality programs and services to your employees.


We regularly consult with your leaders to deliver analysis and provide practical and clear insights into process, results and costs.

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or Email employerservices@lifemark.ca

Benefits to Your Organization and Employees

Reduce accident and injury rates by customizing a robust health and safety strategy.

Reduce absenteeism in your workplace.

Improve overall quality of life for your employees with our comprehensive prevention and wellness services.